Before making a skill check, you may have other players assist you and potentially give you extra dice to make the check.

Requirements and limitations for assisting:

*You must have at least one rank in the appropriate skill or career to grant assist dice to another player.

*Many different skills can be used to perform an assist, but you must be able to justify the use of the skill to the GM to use that skill for an assist. The GM is the final arbiter on what skills can be used to assist which skill checks.

*Attribute checks may not be assisted or be used to assist.

*Derived Attributes may be assisted and used to assist as normal, assuming proper justification is provided to the GM.

*Neither Assisting or Performing characters may use Drive to increase the number of dice to their rolls. Other uses of Drive (such as from character traits) may be used, however.

*It is not possible to assist two separate skill checks at the same time.

Steps for performing a skill check with assists:

*Pick a leader for the check. That character’s Leadership is the highest number of extra assist dice that can be received when performing an assist check. The leader isn’t necessarily the one who will make the skill check.

*Pick one character that will be performing the check and all the characters that will be assisting the check.

*All the characters that are assisting will roll the appropriate skill checks. The leader, if he or she is not the character who will be performing the check, may instead use his or her leadership in place of a skill check. Failing an assist roll simply provides no extra dice to the performing character’s skill check. It is possible to critically succeed on an assist roll, thus adding even more dice to a performing character’s skill check. It is also possible to critically fail an assist roll (see below.)

*Add up the total number of successes from all assisting characters. Add that many dice, up to the leader character’s leadership score, to the performing character’s skill check. (It is suggested that players who successfully assist a character lend him or her the additional Assist dice.)

Critical Failure and Assisting
If a player critically fails an Assist roll, subtract a number of dice equal to the negative value of your critical failure from the performing character’s skill check.

NOTE: It is possible to Assist an Assist check.

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