Character Generation

Character Creation

Every character has 7 attributes: Strength, Agility, Body, Logic, Intuition, Charisma, and Drive. Every character starts with a minimum of 1 in every attribute, and no attribute may exceed the maximum value of 6. It should be noted that having a score of 1 in any attribute does not represent a debilitating score. 1 instead is the baseline for an average human being.
While attributes mostly serve to determine derived attributes, there will be times when your GM might ask you to make a direct attribute check. These checks may be used for tests of character that cannot be determined using either a derived attribute or a skill. In addition, a high attribute can give you other bonuses. A high Strength value, for example, increases your damage in melee combat. A high Charisma can effect an NPC’s initial disposition toward you. Drive gives you Drive points, which can be spent during a session to temporarily boost a skill or provide other benefits.
The GM determines how many points you have to spend on attributes, usually 10. This number may be less or more depending on how powerful the GM wishes the characters to be, but it is recommended that all characters start with the same number of attribute points. To increase an attribute by 1 costs 1 point, until a score of 4 is reached. Then it costs 2 points to increase this attribute by one, to a maximum of 6. Drive is the only attribute that is not purchased in this manner. Instead, Drive starts at a value determined by the GM, usually 3.

Matthew is creating his character. He spends one point to raise his Strength to 2. He places three points to his Agility to make his Agility to a respectable 4. Matthew has spent 4 points so far. Matthew decides he wants his character to be very resistant to damage, so he spends three points to raise his Body to 4, and another two points to raise his Body to 5. One point into Intuition brings it to 2. Matthew has spent 10 points and his ability scores are as follows: Strength-2, Agility-4, Body-5, Logic-1, Intuition-2, Charisma-1, Drive-3.

Derived Attributes
There are 8 derived attributes: Leadership, Lift, Movement Speed, Perception, Reflex, Toughness, and Will. Leadership is a special case that will be described later in the chapter. The rest are calculated as follows:
Athletics: Strength + Agility
Lift: Strength + Body
Reflex: Agility + Intuition
Toughness: Body + Drive
Movement Speed: 6
Perception: Logic + Intuition
Will: Logic + Drive

Matthew is now ready to figure his derived attributes. His Athletics score is nice, with a Strength of 2 and an Agility of 4 making it a 6. His Lift score is pretty high, as his Body of 5 plus his Strength of 2 make a good 7. His good Agility and Intuition scores give him a total Reflex of 6. Toughness is another strong stat for Matthew, as his Body of 5 and his Drive of 3 bring in an 8. His movement speed is pretty decent, as 3 + his Agility of 4 make 7. A perception of 3 makes it one of his lowest stats, with his Logic at 1 and Intuition at 2. His Logic is only 1, but his Drive is 3, making his Will a total of 4.

Leadership is a special derived attribute that applies individually to each career. Leadership is calculated as Charisma + Career.

Careers and Skills
Almost everything you do is determined by your skill, and part of your skill is your career. There are 6 careers in any given game. Just like an attribute, career cannot be raised beyond 6. Unlike attributes, you start with a value of 0 in every career. To increase a career by 1 costs 4 points, up to a score of 4. It costs 8 points to raise a career beyond 4, to a maximum of 6.

Just like Attributes and Careers, Skills have a maximum total of 6. Every skill is part of a career. When making a skill check, you will total up your score in that skill PLUS your score in the proper career. It costs only one point to raise a skill by one up to your number in the governing career. Beyond that, it costs two points to raise a skill by one. Having one point in a skill represents basic competence in that skill and allows you to perform routine tasks without rolling to determine success. You are given a number of skill points to distribute as you wish (see table below).

Careers and Leadership
Leadership is your ability to take charge and lead a group of Player or Non-Player Characters to perform a skill. This derived attribute is very important for Assisting. (See: Assisting) Add your Charisma to your Career value to get your Leadership.

Character Traits
Skills and Attributes aren’t the only things that make up your character. Now you get to pick your Character Traits! These are fun additions to your character that help to make him unique and stand out in the universe. You may pick four character traits from the character traits list as well as three racial traits to be picked from your racial traits list.

Power Level Attribute Points Drive Skill Points
Base (Average Adult) 4 1 10
Low (Skilled/trained Adult) 7 2 30
Average (Starting Adventurer) 10 3 60
High (Seasoned Adventurer) 14 4 80
Heroic (Veteran Adventurer) 17 5 100
Epic (Legendary Adventurer) 20+ 6 120+

Character Generation

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