Combat is divided into Rounds, where each round represents about 6 seconds of in-game action. At the beginning of a character’s turn, he will decide how many Actions he wishes to take in that round, but each additional Action he decides to take after the first puts a cumulative -2 Die Pool penalty on every action he takes in that turn. Some actions, such as moving, drawing a weapon or ammunition, and speaking are considered Free Actions and do not count against the actions a character may take in that turn.

For example, you can move, draw your bow, and shoot at no penalty. But if you want to make a melee attack as well, you must take a -2 die pool penalty to both your ranged attack and melee attack rolls.

Some actions can only be taken once in a single round, such as moving and attacking in melee. Semi-automatic and automatic weapons can be used to attack multiple times in a single round, but their rate of fire limits the number of times you may attack with the same weapon (see Ranged attacks.)

Avoiding an Attack
Attacking Multiple Targets in Melee
Ranged Attacks and Movement
Ranged Attacks and Cover
Total Cover
Dual Wielding
Combat Tricks
Damage, Hit Points, and Dying
Natural Healing


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