Combat Tricks

A combat trick is any technique or maneuver a character performs in combat to gain a tactical advantage on someone. What constitutes a Combat Trick is entirely up to the GM, but below are a list of common Combat Tricks. A combat trick counts as an attack, which means that a character cannot perform both a melee attack and a melee Combat Trick in the same round, and ranged Combat Tricks count against the ranged weapons’s Rate of Fire. Unless stated otherwise, a combat trick does not do damage (but a character may still spend Raises to deal extra damage.)

To perform a melee Combat Trick, the attacker rolls the appropriate Combat skill for the weapon he decides to use and the defender rolls the appropriate defense check, as if she were actively defending an attack. The total of the defender’s hits becomes the threshold for the attacker’s combat trick to succeed. If the attacker has the Drop on his target, then the threshold for the combat trick is 1 as normal. A ranged Combat Trick works the same way, but the defender does not get a defensive roll and the threshold to succeed is 1. Many of the combat tricks are for melee only.

Raises on a Combat Trick can be spent as if it were a normal attack, which means they can be spent to do extra damage or perform Stunts.

Example Combat Tricks

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Combat Tricks

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