Damage, Hit Points, and Dying

In Gaia, Health is divided into three different stages: Vigor, Wounded, and Dying. Each stage has a number of Health Points equal to your Toughness. Whenever a character take damage, it subtracts Health Points equal to the damage dealt from your current stage. Damage is first subtracted from a character’s Vigor. When that drops to 0, that character is considered Wounded and additional damage is then dealt to that character’s Wounds. When his or her Wounded Health Points drops to 0, that character is considered Dying and additional damage then subtracts from that character’s Dying Health Points. When all of a character’s Health Points are gone, that character is Dead. Whenever a character is asked to make a Toughness save, the die pool is equal to your current Health Points in that character’s current stage of Health.

In other words, when your Health in a current stage drops to 0, you subtract additional damage from the next stage. Health Points are subtracted as follows: Vigor → Wounded → Dying.

In the first stage a character is completely healthy and can function at his or her full potential. Having at least one point of Vigor means you are considered Vigorous. A Vigorous character is Conscious, can make Toughness saves against Damage, and may take Actions.

When a character’s Vigor is reduced to 0, he or she begins to take Wound damage. A character cannot make Toughness saves against Wound Damage, but Armor subtracts damage from attacks as normal. [In a Gritty game, that character must make a Toughness save or lose the will to fight. If additional damage is dealt to that character’s Wounds, he or she must make another Toughness save to continue in the fight. Any actions you take while Wounded are made with a Die Pool penalty equal to the current amount of damage to your Wounds. Because Toughness is already calculated with damage in mind, do not apply this penalty to Toughness rolls.] Having 0 Wound Health Points means you fall unconscious regardless of your Vigor and cannot take any actions.

If both your Vigor and Wounds are at 0, then the character begins Dying. A Dying character must make a Toughness save once every round. If the character fails the Toughness save he or she takes one point of Damage. [In a Gritty game, failing this Toughness roll means a character must make a Toughness roll for that round again in addition to taking one point of Damage.] A Critical Success on this roll means the character stabilizes and need not roll every round. If the character loses all of his or her Health Points, that character is Dead.

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Damage, Hit Points, and Dying

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