Skill Checks and Assisting

In order to perform a task, the GM may ask you to roll an appropriate skill check to see if you are successful. Add the ranks of the appropriate skill (+2 if a skill specialization applies) and the ranks in the governing career. This is the number of d6s that you roll to determine success. Roll the dice and count the number of 5s and 6s. That number is the number of successes you receive. Most tasks only require 1 success to succeed, while harder tasks may require more successes. The number of successes required to perform a task is called the Threshold. Successes over the Threshold are called Raises, and may provide additional benefits, depending on the check. One possible benefit is Chaining (see below).

While most checks are determined by your skills, some checks are made using your scores in attributes and derived attributes.

Threshold Description
no check A routine use of a skill
1 A basic use of a skill
2 A challenging use of a skill
3 An impressive use of a skill
4 An extraordinary use of a skill

These thresholds are what a single individual would be expected to accomplish by himself. Thresholds higher than 4 do exist, but they are mostly reserved for tasks that require a group to achieve.

Critical Success
Critical Failure
Skill Checks and Drive

GM’s guide to Assisting
Assisting is a powerful tool for characters to increase their chance to perform very difficult tasks. A good team will attempt to assist each other as often as possible. Players are encouraged to get creative with Assisting and find clever ways to use their characters’ skills to help each other. However, it is very easy for Assisting to get out of control if not properly managed.

Skill Checks and Assisting

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