Pick a container for the spells you want to use. It should also be noted that if there is only one spell in a container, it’s base mana cost is increased by two. If there are only two, each is increased by one.

Normally, spells require movement, sounds, and a focus. Attempting to cast a spell without one of these incurs a 2 die penalty that stacks with each missing requirement. Building a spell that doesn’t require one of these three things can be done by adding the correct modifier.

When creating a spell, pick a save that makes sense against it. As a general rule of thumb, Reflex is used to avoid sudden attacks or explosions,Toughness to shrug off force or an infection type spell, and Will to stop would-be intruders from entering or modifying his or her mind or state. From now on targets of the spell always use this save against it. If a spell is material enough to allow saves from defense rolls add the according modifier below.

Changing a spells modifiers after they have been decided requires a day, one basic spell part can never be changed, chosen at creation. (Ex. A damage spell can be changed to add range(mod) or tokens(base) to target, but it can not be changed to not deal damage anymore.) Spells may only be increased in mana cost, limitations (negative modifiers) may be bought off, and new benefits (positive modifiers) may be added or increased, but benefits may not be taken away and new limitations may not be added.

Player note on creating passive abilities: To create a spell that is always active, or usable an unlimited number of times per day and unconnected to any containers, create the spell and pay double the base mana cost in skill/career points. Spells always active are considered permanent but should be build with a duration of Rounds.

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