Traits received at character creation follow these rules:

Racial Trait List
1. The first character trait taken is taken from the Racial Traits list. This shows the difference between humans and the chosen character race. Humans choose another non-racial trait instead.

Normal Trait List
2. The next trait is from the character’s childhood, such as getting bullied, or spending too much time fishing, etc.

3. The third trait is from the character’s youth, when he or she was between childhood and being an adult.

4 and 5. The last two normal traits are both from adulthood and may represent events, professions, education, or just about anything else.

Optional Traits
Disadvantage List
Characters that would like to play up some form of quirk or disability may choose a disadvantage trait. Doing so allows the character to choose another additional normal trait to off-set any hindrances. Particularly bad disadvantages may give a character an additional drive every session, however this is up to the GM.

Free Trait:
Characters playing up a disadvantage may choose a non-racial trait to have to off-set bad mojo.

For the optional rule of Group/Genre Traits see Group Traits.


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