Weapons and Armor

Items come in tiers that are used to determine what an item does, when it is available, and what kind of character would have it. The Tier a character is at is typically equal to his or her drive.

Tiers Starting Points Best Equipment Available
0 (1) Mundane non-combat gear
1 (4) Poor Quality, Improvised
2 (8) Average Quality
3 (12) 0 Enhancement, 1-3 Power, Master Quality
4 (20) 1-2 Enhancement, 4-9 Power
5 (34) 3-4 Enhancement, 10-15 Power
6 (50) 5+ Enhancement, 16+ Power

Spending Points on Starting Gear:
All items of a particular Tier cost their tier in points to get at character creation. For magical gear, see Supernatural Items.

Melee Weapon Types:
Utility weapons: 0 Base
No damage

Small weapons: 1 Base
Improved Drop

Light weapons: 2 Base
Improved Drop

Medium weapons: 3 Base

Heavy heavy: 3 Base
2 handed, Tricky

Example Melee Weapons
Dagger (small)
Sword (medium)
Axe (medium)
Whip (utility, reach)
Mace (medium)
Club (medium)
Brass knuckle (small)
Spear (medium, throw, reach)
Quarterstaff (medium, defensible)
*Shield (medium, defensible)
Halberd (heavy)
Chain (light)
Bolas (utility)
Net (utility)
Bow (medium, armor pen1, imp drop)
Crossbow (armor pen1, no str on damage, Damage+2, full round reload, imp drop)
Scythe (heavy, tricky)

Weapon Modifications:

Improved Drop (weapon has 2 armor pen when getting the drop)
Reach (can attack one square away, but not adjacent)
2H (Must use both hands with weapon, but add full Strength on attacks)
Defensible (-1 on attacks, plus 1 on defense rolls)
Throwing (0 if the weapon can only be thrown)
Tricky (plus 2 when maneuvering with weapon)
Concealable (plus 3 to check when hiding weapon on body)
No Damage (weapon never does damage)

Fantasy Armor and Shield Types:
Light: 1 Base

Medium: 3 Base, 2 for shields
Athletics Penalty

Heavy: 5 Base, 3 for shields
Athletics Penalty
Movement Penalty

Armor and Shield Modifications:
Reduced Athletics (Athletics rolls take a 1 die penalty)
Reduced Movement (Movement is 1 less)

Poor Quality or Improvised: 1 on related skill use, or counts as a step heavier armor for drawbacks
Average Quality: Attack and Defense unchanged
Master Quality: +1 on related skill use, or counts as a step lighter armor for drawbacks

Weapons and Armor

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